The Piano buyer

So, I am selling my piano.

Buyer #1 : He is quite tall expat. After looking and playing on the piano, he looked at the courtyard and garden outside and said “nice place!”. Then, he asked “is it yours?” I was puzzled, and looked at that direction, and saw that big grey cat sitting outside. I feed it daily but it is not mine. Very chatty. His piano teacher is staying nearby too.

Buyer #2 : She came with two friends to view the piano. One of her friends was quite good in playing it, and detected the off-tune note on the left side after playing for a short while… It was there as I did not make appointment with the tuner for his periodic visit to tune my piano for quite sometime already.. sad… they used this faulty key as an excuse to mark down the price, I said I would think about it .. maybe get that tuner back to tune it.. if anyone of you here are able to tune a piano, I invite you to my house


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