F1 Grand Prix after party : Sugar grand-daddy

So, we saw this older caucasian man (maybe in 60s or 70) with a young local chinese girl.

Hmmm….this is a common sight in Singapore and thus not worth commenting, if not for the fact that I find something rather odd..This couple was sitting at a table with many of his other caucasian friends, and all his friends seemed rather at ease with her presence like one of their own. But, the wives of these caucasian friends did not seem to want to talk to her.

Deduction :
She may have come from a less well off family which is unable to provide much for her, thus using relations with men as a means to get what she wants. We seldom see rich girls with very old men. And by pairing off with someone who does not have much mileage left, it is actually a very smart move.

OR… it is true love~ delayed by 4 decades and across continents.


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