A woman has to learn self-defence

Don’t be helpless. Learn something. Protect yourself, as help may not come in time. Because 1 in 4 women suffers from domestic violence. Don’t be a silent sufferer. Also, there are a lot of psychos around. Eg that NS man who killed the young lady because he was crazy.

I think I am very lucky to be born into a gentle and kind family, and the men I meet are mostly gentlemen. If I sense that a person has hooligan trait, I would not keep in contact with him/her and all the calls and smses would be unanswered. That is why all the people in my social circle are like little lambs in nature. All my girl pals have never been hit or slapped in their entire lives and their parents and husbands are all doting peace-loving people, so I really wonder where do the research people get the statistics of 25% of women suffer from domestic violence… am I really living?

Don’t marry the wrong men, check how his father treats his mother first, and how he treats his parents. Kids learn from their parents and copy. Well, if his mother is the fierce one in the family, good for you!

I think education may play a big role in shaping a man’s character too. Most domestic violence come from the less educated and low income families. But some highly educated men are so shrewd that they use mental torment, which is terrible too.

Anyway, any lady who is reading this is probably living a blessed life as she has ample leisure time to surf the internet… so… how do I get my message across to the less fortunate people?? I feel pain when I read the sad tales of the others


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