How haunted can a HDB or condo be?

Answer : not much.

IN movies, haunted houses are usually isolated from populated area, have attics and basements and many rooms… In HDB/Condo ? well, you are staying in the SAME building with alot of other people, many neighbours on SAME floor, how haunted can it get? sigh… But I am wary of penthouses. These rooftop units where a family owns the whole rooftop, complete with a rooftop garden and sometimes even a swimming pool is what is really scary. Even if you fail to come down for a whole month, no one knows. I suggest the security guard should check with the family if he fails to see them for a week.

If any websites start talking about hauntings inside HDB or apartments, I lose interest immediately, as how haunted can they be? Just a few steps, and you are out of the unit, please don’t make people laugh.


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