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Anton Casey – free publicity Anton has generated puts Singapore on the world map

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What? This is called British humour? I thought British humour is Mr Bean~!

The British wealth fund manager who referred to public transport commuters in Singapore as “poor people” in his Facebook post has grabbed headlines in his home country.

British newspapers, including The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and the London Evening Standard, have picked up the story of how Mr Anton Casey’s comments had caused a furore in Singapore.

The Guardian led off its piece with how the Briton had been forced to apologise to the people of Singapore. Law Minister K. Shanmugam noted that some also felt Mr Casey’s apology lacked sincerity, and “I think there is some basis for thinking that”. Mr Casey’s comments were “deeply offensive, wrong and unacceptable”, he said in a Facebook post on Thursday. “Those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others – especially the less well-off or needy. It is basic human decency. Instead Mr Casey showed contempt. Having money and a Porsche does not automatically mean that one is superior. Character is important,” he wrote. “I am glad the community has come together to condemn what he has said.”

Singapore can be a strange place where some low-skilled expats can ride high in our pecking order. Wealth manager type of jobs are not that difficult to fill.

How the heck has Singapore ended up taking in rejects thinking they are gems? Our best Singaporean who works in London won’t get paid an expat package

Perhaps back in London, people with such skill would not be able to live in the city and would need to take the tube to work. Being wealthy is relative. Even in Singapore only 1 porsche does not make one rich.

As expats they are guests in someone else’s country and ambassadors/representatives of their own.


Tiger Radler

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this is like Jolly Shandy – which is beer and lemon

It’s lemonade with a heavy dose of tiger beer smell…. Lemonly on e 1st sip, follow by e tiger beer smell then final is bitter aftertaste on e tongue….

Only 2% alcohol and cost MORE than a normal tiger. Might be nice as a cooler, but don’t bother trying to get drunk on it

I could get drunk on Heineken’s Zlaty Bazant’s Radler pretty easily. The tiger beer version is really mild…too mild as a matter of fact and is at most as good as the Taiwan fruit beers.

Please…what happened to the power Tiger of yesteryears? Add that brew to the lemon and it is a much stronger product.

At the current offering with Fairprice selling $16 for 6 cans pack or 2.60 per can is really overpriced and under powered.

If heaven is such a wonderful place, why is no one eager to go there?

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I was invited to this place of worship. Those holy men pray like they have supernatural powers. Anything not happy, they would pray to their Almighty to “punish them!”. They act like they have secured the first row seats in heaven, and “are saved”.

Singapore’s oldest yakitori restaurant, Nanbantei (#05-132 Far East Plaza)

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It’s been serving up grilled skewers for 30 years, and our Japanese friends in Singapore say they’re as good as what they get back home.

What to order:
– Asparagus Maki, sweet baby asparagus stems wrapped in unctuous pork bacon.
– Tebasaki (Chicken Wings), crisp-skinned wings with juicy flesh that come clean off the bone.
– Bonjiri (Chicken Buttocks), fatty bite-sized pieces of meat that melt in the mouth.
– Sake Harasu (Salmon Belly), wonderfully moist slabs of pink fish with a slightly smoky char.
– Ginnan (Gingko Nuts), chewy gingko nuts seasoned with salt – simple yet tasty.

Anyone wants to join Crystalake on her adventures to Mt Shasta?

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We may be able to find inner earth, you know. I have the map!~

truer than true

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Today you are You
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You.
~Dr Seuss


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A taxi-driver : “大多数的外国女子,表面或在要钓的男子面前,装作温柔体贴,依人小鸟,讲话小小声。阿阿阿,全都是假象,真面目很恐怖,真的很恐怖。很难用语言形容,总之,全都是假的,骗人的。