A new friend

I love my cat and she loves me.

When I met him, he had to pass my cat’s inspection, which he did especially after taking her to the vet and that was it. 27 seconds from entering the house to sitting down, my cat was on his lap wanting cuddles.

They say animals and babies can see spiritual stuff that we cannot, I feel that they can sense goodness in humans too, and help the owners filter the good from the bad.

Two nights ago, when I reached home, I saw my cat sitting beside the door and staring at the door. I thought she was waiting for me as usual before following me inside, but when I was inside the house, she was still staring at the door but yet did not go near it. She was not moving too. She stared at it for a long time. What happened? I saw nothing at the door. Gonna sprinkle some holy water there..


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