Tiger Radler

this is like Jolly Shandy – which is beer and lemon

It’s lemonade with a heavy dose of tiger beer smell…. Lemonly on e 1st sip, follow by e tiger beer smell then final is bitter aftertaste on e tongue….

Only 2% alcohol and cost MORE than a normal tiger. Might be nice as a cooler, but don’t bother trying to get drunk on it

I could get drunk on Heineken’s Zlaty Bazant’s Radler pretty easily. The tiger beer version is really mild…too mild as a matter of fact and is at most as good as the Taiwan fruit beers.

Please…what happened to the power Tiger of yesteryears? Add that brew to the lemon and it is a much stronger product.

At the current offering with Fairprice selling $16 for 6 cans pack or 2.60 per can is really overpriced and under powered.


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