“No money then don’t find girlfriend la!”

While waiting for Mr K at Starbucks during lunch hour, I overheard the office ladies at the next table chatting.

“No money then don’t find girlfriend la!” in response to a lady who said that the guy asking her out did not own a car and earned less than SGD$5k.

They even discussed about a man’s probable vision problems (eg strabismus, etc) if he did not own a driving license. And also his fitness or handicap if he is PES E or a clerk in the army.

“No money marry what wife?!” in response to her friend who said that her cousin’s bf did not wish to have the traditional wedding dinner, just wanted a small simple buffet catering at a local church. It means that if a man cannot yang de qi lao po, then better don’t invite a girl into your sinking boat.

Crystalake says :

What happened to those pure innocent love stories that we always read in mangas? Nowadays, L O V E seems to come tainted with financial tie-ups?

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