Before sending someone to ER, please check on the fatality rates of the different ERs. Some are already in negative zones. The main reasons are lack of skilful ER doctors, lack of experience and just following protocol and procedures to ensure that no rules are breached and thus they are safe and no liable for anything. The only thing they have most experience in is reporting time of death and issuing death certs. Want to know which hospital ER has the most skilful surgeons? Some ERs are famous for patients going one way trip there, and never make it back. However, if there is only 1 ER near your place, you have no choice, regardless of whether 1 way or 2 way trip.

Do you seriously think that all those doctors in ER are like those on TV, where they run all over the hospitals in a great rush, with this huge sense of urgency and responsibility and enthusiasm? LOL… LOL again…Some can actually finish his cup of coffee before strolling to the ER room. Just like in the teaching profession, where we can have those dedicated teachers who can actually change a kid’s life for the better, and those who can hardly wait to go home each day, just like the students they teach… all want to go home, LOL~

That one-way-trip ER’s common line in reports : THE OPERATION WAS SUCCESSFUL, BUT THE PATIENT HAS DIED. Do you want this line to appear in your medical report?


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