The sparrow

Just saw that in this country, strangely, it is usually the poor who look down the the poor. I just saw a poor old man who was gathering cardboards at the void deck, and a group of “slum” kids gathering around him, ridiculing him, and clapping their hands near his ears and stomping around him noisily to scare him off. These kids may remain in this class with no future of advancing, as they are focusing on the wrong area. The rich seems to have more class in this aspect, and sometimes, is gracious to lend a helping hand. How the time is spent and also the attitude is a good indication of why some remain poor and some are rich. Poor kids… hope there is someone humane enough to guide them, otherwise they would be the end sufferer of their own joke of an existence.

Learn how to fulfill your responsibilities as a human being for the betterment of society.


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