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David Beckham to install panic room in new $99m mansion

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David and Victoria Beckham are refurbishing their new £50 million (S$99.63m) mansion and fitting it with a panic room.
The couple have bought a seven-bedroom home near Kensington Palace in London and are going to install a state-of-the-art security system including the room which the family could hide in if intruders broke in.
A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Security is a concern and the new house has a soundproof panic room.
“It may sound over-the-top but they are actually the norm in Los Angeles.”
The 39-year-old fashion designer and the 38-year-old retired soccer star – who have four children, sons Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, and Cruz, eight, and two-year-old daughter Harper – are also having an underground spa, pool and restaurant-quality kitchen built in the property, which is close to the royal residence of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.
The Beckhams have been living in a rented mews house since they returned to the UK from Los Angeles.
They now plan to move to a bigger place in west London until work on the five-storey Kensington home is complete next year.
It will also feature “staffed massage rooms”, five bathrooms, an indoor cinema, library and underground car park for David’s car collection.
The former England captain and his children will be able to play soccer on a small AstroTurf pitch.


Stewed Mushroom with Chicken & Tom Yum Soup

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What a weather…

Time for some comfort food.

As I have stopped work recently, time to venture into the kitchen and try out new recipes as well as traditional ones.

Today, it is Stewed Mushroom with Chicken.


– Ginger (120grams, sliced)

– Garlic (5 cloves, chopped)

– Sesame oil (5 tbsp)

– Chicken breast (350grams, diced)

– Soaked Chinese mushrooms (100 grams)

– Water (500ml)

– Rock Sugar (10 grams)

– Light Soya Sauce (2 tbsp)

– Dark soya sauce (1 tsp)

– Pepper (1/2 tsp) & salt to taste

1. Fry ginger and garlic in sesame oil until fragrant.

2. Add in the chicken and soaked mushroom and stir-fry for a while.

3. Add in water, rock sugar, soya sauces, pepper and salt. Mix well.

4. Lower the flame and simmer for 10 minutes.

Tom Yum Soup

– A couple of Kaffir Lime Leaves
– A few stalks of Lemon Grass
– Galanga (Asian ginger)
– Lemon juice
– Fish sauce
– Fresh Red chilli
– Garlic
– Prawns
– Crab meat
– Straw mushrooms (I used those from a can)
– Fish
– Sotong / Tintenfish / Cuttlefish
– About 1 litre of homemade chicken stock

1. Using a non-stick pot, fry garlic in some oil.

2. Without waiting for the garlic to turn crispy, add the homemade chicken stock, galanga and lemon grass. Bring it to boil.

3. Add in the straw mushrooms, prawns, fish, cuttlefish and bring to boil. Add in the crab meat and lime leaves.

4. Season with fish sauce, lemon juice and palm sugar. Taste. Add in more fish sauce/sugar according to your preference.

5. Add in the red chilli. I put in only 4 small slices of it.

6. For a thicker and richer version, you can add in coconut milk.


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    He had a business trip to Taiwan recently. While waiting for him to come out from his meetings, Crystalake spent her days there trying out the local food especially the yummy desserts, and love the 芒果冰! Now, let us see how to make one :





Crying Freeman

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Crying Freeman, a 1986 story illustrated by Ryouichi Ikegami and written by Kazuo Koike, follows the story of Yoh Hinomura, an internationally-renowned potter from Japan. A Chinese triad organization known as “The 108 Dragons” kidnapped Yoh and turned into an unwilling assassin: after sticking acupuncture needles in him and implanting post-hypnotic suggestions, Yoh became one of their best assassins, killing for the group whenever he is ordered to. Whenever Yoh kills, he cries out of remorse for his victims (hence the name of the series).

When solitary artist Emu Hino witnesses one of Yoh’s assassinations, she wrote in her diary : “I do not believe that a murderer could weep so piteously… He cried without making a sound. His tears fell like a soft, quiet rain…”