Former journalist jailed 18 months for incident with 15-year-old

Valedictorian, Scholar (the SPH scholarship), SPH Reporter, first curator for @hellofrmsg, this guy could probably go on to be their CEO or even a minister. But now his future is ruined… May be abit hard to migrate later too as not many countries would accept past convicts from another country.

So many people concentrate on the word “scholar”, and miss out the bigger word “valedictorian”.
There can be many scholars in a batch, but only one valedictorian among them.
Valedictorian = no 1 in whole school.
Poly and uni usually award extra cash money to them.
Valedictorian is an academic title conferred upon the student who delivers the closing or farewell statement at a graduation ceremony (called a valedictory). The chosen valedictorian is usually the student with the highest ranking among his or her graduating class.
How an individual school confers the title is typically based upon the highest grade point average. However, the person chosen must be the best representative of the graduating class. Some institutions confer the title on the class member chosen to deliver the final graduation address, regardless of the speaker’s academic credentials. Generally, the graduate deemed to be the highest academically ranked student in the class, as determined by the academic criteria of the school, is given the title of class valedictorian. Historically and traditionally, however, schools confer the title upon the top ranking graduate of the class, who thereby earns the honor of delivering the valedictory address.
Some institutions award the title based upon various criteria such as overall academic record of grades and credits, a student’s grade point average, the level of rigor within a student’s academic program of studies, a vote by school administrators, the level of participation in and dedication to extracurricular activities, and one’s public-speaking skills and abilities. In other schools, the position may be elected by the school body or appointed directly by the school administration based on various systems of merit. Some schools may feature “co-valedictorians” in lieu of conferring the title on a single individual from among the graduating class. This may occur in the case of a numerical tie in grade point averages, as part of a Latin honors system, or to promote a form of affirmative action such as gender or racial balance.

Dunman High? National Team basketball player? Raffles?

The Straits Times
Published on Jun 09, 2014
Former journalist jailed 18 months for having underage sex with 15-year-old

By Elena Chong

SINGAPORE – A former journalist with The Straits Times (ST) was sentenced to 18 months’ jail on Monday for having sex with a minor.

Eisen Teo Guan Kuan, 29, who faced three charges, pleaded guilty to engaging in oral sex with a 15-year-old girl in a male toilet cubicle at Fort Canning Park in early 2012. Teo, who is married, also admitted to having sex with her at his flat in Serangoon Avenue 1 on June 23 that year when his wife was baking in the kitchen.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Chong Wei-Zhen said Teo, who was a Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) scholarship recipient, was part of the ST schools team, which among other things, conducted activities for students through its IN Crowd media club.

His scope of work included providing guidance and acting as a mentor to about a dozen student journalists in the media club. Teo had first met the victim through his work at the newspaper in 2011. She was 14 at the time.

When Teo read her blog and found out that she was depressed, he started to take a special interest in her. They maintained close contact via e-mail, WhatsApp and Facebook messages.

The victim, who cannot be named, regularly confided in him about her depressive behaviour, which included cutting herself, having suicidal thoughts and hearing “voices”. They became a couple in the last quarter of 2011, meeting outside the media club activities and engaging in intimate behaviour.

Ms Chong said he did not tell the victim he was married initially, only admitting that he had a girlfriend. It was only in early 2012 that he told her he had a wife. Teo, who got married in 2010, also lied to her that he and his wife shared an “open relationship” that allowed both of them to have other sexual partners.

He had even gained the trust of the victim’s family as her mentor and helped the family organise a surprise party for her in November 2011.

On June 23, 2012, Teo invited the girl to his HDB flat to help him paint his home. He introduced the victim to his wife then.

The court heard the victim later followed Teo to a study in his flat, where they had sex while the wife was in the kitchen baking. Two days later, the girl attempted suicide in a toilet cubicle by cutting her arms and swallowing Panadol pills.

While she was recovering in hospital, her father noticed that Teo and his daughter behaving rather closely. But when confronted, Teo denied having any relationship with her.

The victim’s elder sister and father later went through her phone and found several Facebook and WhatsApp messages with sexual content between Teo and the victim.

The father tried to call Teo but he refused to pick up his phone. He then sent a lawyer’s letter to tell him to stop contacting his daughter.

A few months later, the victim told her sister about the sex with Teo and a police report was filed in December that year.

Teo, who works as a researcher, will start serving his sentence on June 24. He could have been jailed for up to 10 years on each charge. A third charge was taken into consideration.

Monday, Jun 09, 2014
SINGAPORE – Eisen Teo Guan Kuan, 29, who faced three charges, pleaded guilty to engaging in oral sex with a 15-year-old girl in a male toilet cubicle at Fort Canning Park in early 2012. Teo, who is married, also admitted to having sex with her at his flat in Serangoon Avenue 1 on June 23 that year when his wife was baking in the kitchen.

The New Paper
Thursday, Oct 24, 2013

SINGAPORE – A former reporter from The Straits Times was charged in court on Monday with having consensual sex with a minor.

The man, who was a Singapore Press Holdings local scholar, cannot be named due to a gag order.

The 29-year-old is accused of three counts of having sex with a 15-year-old between 2011 and June last year.

He allegedly had oral sex with the girl twice – first at a house off Upper Paya Lebar Road between November and December 2011, and then at a male public toilet cubicle at Fort Canning Park early last year.

He also allegedly had sex with the minor at a flat in Serangoon in June last year.

The accused joined The Straits Times in 2009 and was sacked in January.

His case will be mentioned in court again on Nov 18.

For each charge, if convicted, he faces a jail term of up to 10 years and/or a fine.

From ‘Ex-ST reporter faces probe over allegation of underage sex’, 2 Feb 2013, article in ST
A FORMER reporter with The Straits Times is being investigated by the police over an allegation of underage sex. Mr Eisen Teo, 28, who was on the Schools team, had his services terminated by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) on Jan 18. This followed an internal investigation.

An SPH spokesman said yesterday: “As the police investigation is still ongoing, we are unable to provide further details at this point in time.” Mr Teo was called in for questioning by the police in late December.

It is understood that he has not been charged. A Singapore Press Holdings local scholar, he joined the paper in 2009 and was part of the Schools team, which produces two magazines for schools – Little Red Dot for primary pupils, and IN for secondary students. It also conducts activities for students in its media club.

He was well regarded by colleagues and news of the police probe shocked the newsroom.

eiseneisen2eisen (1)EISEN_493016eisen_teo_by_xaferis-d6pzhmzeison-teoona0906e

The former Singapore Press Holdings scholar, now 29, whose lawyer reportedly requested that his name not be published in the media, is accused of having sex with the girl, then 15, on three different occasions between late 2011 and mid-2012.



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