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About many people who went through NDE, a common experience is being in a white room. After going through many testimonies, my guess is that a hospital room is white, and people with near deaths are usually sent to hospitals, thus they mistook it as an afterlife trip and a meeting with the dwellers on the other side.

Actually, this may mean that there is no afterlife or reincarnation after all, and that human body and soul end when life ends. This means our presence as an observer vanishes, which is frightening. That is why death is so scary, because it may really be the end of our existence in body and soul. Ashes to Ashes.


Yoshimaru ramen bar

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Nowadays, if I have to eat out, I would choose restaurants with open concept kitchens. We get to see what actually happened to our food before it is served. Thus, I recommend this ramen bar. Not only is the food delicious, the chef prepared the ramen etc right in front of you!

Hakata ramen uses ultra thin ramen, which is my favourite. I dislike thick noodles.

Their soup base is brewed from pork bone, which gives it a rich taste.

I recommend ordering Kurobuta pork, which is super tender and melt in the mouth! Each piece is marinated in a sauce and topped with some sesame seeds, giving some crunchiness and nutty flavour to this awesome goodness.

I find the location really suitable for a ramen bar as it reminds me of the good old Japanese style, unlike in cold malls.

They close at 11pm daily, last order is 10.30pm, excellent for late dinners or early suppers. Try it!