Nothing fantastic after trying this Korean soft serve ice cream. For what you get, it may be overpriced too

That honeycomb topping hype is interesting at the beginning, but maybe not worth the price. Do you know why some ice cream can be so fluffy and soft? Air! Lots of water added too! If I were to pay so much for a serving of ice cream, I expect it to be rich and have higher density. Why pay for something that is free? I may buy it again if its price is down by at least two-third. That is why McD’s awesome creamy and fluffy soft serve ice cream is just one buck per cone and yet can make a good profit. They taste alike too. Pleasant, light, fluffy, airy, milky vanilla. Just dip the whole cone in honey. Sometimes, they sell it for just fifty cents!!

Try it, and see if you like it or just go to supermarket to buy a huge tub of vanilla ice cream and a tub of honey, the satisfaction is definitely greater and cost alot lesser too

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