the wrong Bukit

In this talkshow, the speaker said that after the girl told the guy she stayed at Bukit Panjang, he vanished. He was expecting Bukit Timah. The wrong Bukit.

This is common here, as living costs here escalate, and thus the guys expect the girls to have comfortable financial background too. That is why the demand for Vietnam brides etc have gone downhill as these brides may not have sufficient earning capacity when they reach here, eg non English speaking etc, and staying at home may be burdensome to the man if he is not a high income earner. But if a man is rich, he would not need to get a Vietnam bride as girls here would flock to him anyway. He would most probably be looking for a highly educated girl with some talent etc.

My relative lives on a landed near Taman Serasi, and I stay with them nowsadays as my family is not in Singapore, how much misunderstanding that causes. Ya ya…


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