Crystalake learnt that….she does not want to stay in a Columbarium after death

All the funeral rites are actually just for the emotional comfort of the family and not for guiding the departed soul to heaven etc.

The asking of a priest to come to the site to read scriptures or from holy books and all those dong chiang chiang are just to help the family get closure, that the departed is in a better place now. A Christian friend told me where the soul would go would depend on his or her own belief when alive. Thus, he said that the getting of someone from church to read from the bible at the crematorium hall is just for the emotional comfort of the family.

So, how?

Quite surprised about columbariums and stuff like that, because many of the people I know, especially Korean friends, scatter the ashes into the sea by renting a boat out.

Do you want a niche for your ashes? not me! Why should I go through that? For relatives to visit me with food offerings and joss sticks? Huh? Again, this columbarium stuff is for the emotional comfort of the family, as they want to know where you are.

After death, do you still want to continue with cluttered living conditions? If you have lived all your life in a pigeon hole, do you want to live your death in another pigeon hole too? It is time to head out to the open seas and be free! Explore the mysteries of the ocean where no man has travelled!

I would also prefer not to go through casket companies to dress me up etc, because even if I am dead, I am still shy, and not used to strangers looking at and touching my body.


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