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embalming does not make sense?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2015 by crystalake

The process involves draining the blood, taking out the organs and even opening the skull. In the end, it is just a stuffed body. They even stuff things in the mouth so that the cheeks are not sunken. Sometimes, the face looks like hamsters that have lots of food hiding in their mouths. In other words, the deceased seem to have put on so much weight that they become unrecognisable to their loved ones. This process cost more than a grand sgd dollars. But the worst is the possibility of dead losing dignity if in the hands of a run of the mill kind of embalmer, if you know what I mean. Nobody knows goodness what is going on inside the embalming room, and the dead doesn’t talk. What if in the future, it is revealed that one of the embalmers has a collection of teeth or some other body parts belonging to somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine? Then, all hell is gonna break loose when people start exclaiming “Oh!! He is the one who embalmed my so-and-so years ago !!”. Unfortunately for me, I can’t trust strangers. Thus, I would have to specify in my last directive¬†that no embalming is to be done, so as to preserve some dignity, unless it is to preserve my body for an Egyptian tomb for the sake of some afterlife (which is real reason when embalming was created years ago in ancient Egypt), and not some 3 or 4 day funeral wake thingy before cremation. ¬†I feel that a memorial service over a photograph of the deceased is more meaningful than preparing the body to last for days in funeral wake. Just my humble opinion.