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Part 1

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embalming does not make sense?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2015 by crystalake

The process involves draining the blood, taking out the organs and even opening the skull. In the end, it is just a stuffed body. They even stuff things in the mouth so that the cheeks are not sunken. Sometimes, the face looks like hamsters that have lots of food hiding in their mouths. In other words, the deceased seem to have put on so much weight that they become unrecognisable to their loved ones. This process cost more than a grand sgd dollars. But the worst is the possibility of dead losing dignity if in the hands of a run of the mill kind of embalmer, if you know what I mean. Nobody knows goodness what is going on inside the embalming room, and the dead doesn’t talk. What if in the future, it is revealed that one of the embalmers has a collection of teeth or some other body parts belonging to somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine? Then, all hell is gonna break loose when people start exclaiming “Oh!! He is the one who embalmed my so-and-so years ago !!”. Unfortunately for me, I can’t trust strangers. Thus, I would have to specify in my last directive¬†that no embalming is to be done, so as to preserve some dignity, unless it is to preserve my body for an Egyptian tomb for the sake of some afterlife (which is real reason when embalming was created years ago in ancient Egypt), and not some 3 or 4 day funeral wake thingy before cremation. ¬†I feel that a memorial service over a photograph of the deceased is more meaningful than preparing the body to last for days in funeral wake. Just my humble opinion.



Accidentally married and happily divorced

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At last, my relative has gotten his divorce finalised. We are so glad he did not incur huge financial losses from this nightmare, and can get on with his life now. From the lawyers the woman engaged, could tell that she was bent on finishing him off. I am so glad that everything is over now, and that they did not end up on each other’s dinner table. I think it is no fun getting married, as people change, and will no longer be the one we once loved.

50 shades of grey

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No woman marries for money ever

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Because they are all wise enough to fall in love with the rich man first before marrying him.

Thus, all women marry the man they love.

no fish, prawn also good?

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As usual, during this time of the year, we see many instant pairing up of people, because no one likes to spend Christmas and New Year and V day alone.

In Chinese, we have a saying : no fish, Prawn also good. Riding a donkey, looking for a horse. Are you able to tell who are the fish, prawn, donkey or horse among the couples around you?

Crystalake learnt that….she does not want to stay in a Columbarium after death

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2015 by crystalake

All the funeral rites are actually just for the emotional comfort of the family and not for guiding the departed soul to heaven etc.

The asking of a priest to come to the site to read scriptures or from holy books and all those dong chiang chiang are just to help the family get closure, that the departed is in a better place now. A Christian friend told me where the soul would go would depend on his or her own belief when alive. Thus, he said that the getting of someone from church to read from the bible at the crematorium hall is just for the emotional comfort of the family.

So, how?

Quite surprised about columbariums and stuff like that, because many of the people I know, especially Korean friends, scatter the ashes into the sea by renting a boat out.

Do you want a niche for your ashes? not me! Why should I go through that? For relatives to visit me with food offerings and joss sticks? Huh? Again, this columbarium stuff is for the emotional comfort of the family, as they want to know where you are.

After death, do you still want to continue with cluttered living conditions? If you have lived all your life in a pigeon hole, do you want to live your death in another pigeon hole too? It is time to head out to the open seas and be free! Explore the mysteries of the ocean where no man has travelled!

I would also prefer not to go through casket companies to dress me up etc, because even if I am dead, I am still shy, and not used to strangers looking at and touching my body.