Air Asia flight QZ 8501

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162 on board

Fishermen near the site heard a loud explosion


the wrong Bukit

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In this talkshow, the speaker said that after the girl told the guy she stayed at Bukit Panjang, he vanished. He was expecting Bukit Timah. The wrong Bukit.

This is common here, as living costs here escalate, and thus the guys expect the girls to have comfortable financial background too. That is why the demand for Vietnam brides etc have gone downhill as these brides may not have sufficient earning capacity when they reach here, eg non English speaking etc, and staying at home may be burdensome to the man if he is not a high income earner. But if a man is rich, he would not need to get a Vietnam bride as girls here would flock to him anyway. He would most probably be looking for a highly educated girl with some talent etc.

My relative lives on a landed near Taman Serasi, and I stay with them nowsadays as my family is not in Singapore, how much misunderstanding that causes. Ya ya…

Maybe for the better

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My pretty friend met a girl recently, and both girls got along so well. Now, it seems like she cannot live without her best friend, and they are thinking of moving in together. Is it wonderful for ladies to get partners of the same gender instead of opposite? I mean.. You can do each other’s makeup, borrow dresses, etc etc. Isn’t that great?

Jodie Foster is a smart lady. Maybe indeed, she knows best!

is that Wendy’s grandmother?

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Saw Peter Pan The never ending story at RWS.

I don’t mind having a young adult lady play the role of the girl Wendy. But, I feel abit uncomfortable if the actress who plays Wendy looks decades older than our definition of a young adult. That Peter Pan seems Alot younger than the “grandmother”.

socrates – The Apology

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I have read this work by Socrates a few times. I find it very interesting. This is his message to the council of his times, before he drank the poison that would end his life.

No one gets out of life alive anyway. In fact, the afterlife is debatable and so far, no convincing evidence that it exists.


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This bread shop is at Tan Chong Towers. I tried some, even that lava chocolate square bread. I think of prefer cakes and Krispy Kreme more… No matter how high end a bread is, I don’t really get much satisfaction from eating it. I like something richer and not some light and fluffy gourmet bread. That is the reason why many buyers like the lava bread the most, because it is the most flavourful simply due to the fact that it is filled with molten chocolate inside. Thus, it means it is not the bread that attracts them.

That night, they served free flow white and red wines, and some snacks assortments. But, not sure why not free flow bread to the guests as well? Haha…

NS PES status or vocation & The Dating Game

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I am not familiar with the NS stuff here, but I heard that if the man’s vocation in NS is a clerk, it means he is not fit or has some forms of handicap.

In general, most girls would choose healthy men with good genes, thus this NS PES marking has become one of the preliminary ways to friend zoned a guy or to narrow down the number of suitors. So, a new friend clarified to me that he was a clerk as his doctor brother contacted another doctor to help him get into the clerk vocation, he meant he was completely healthy, very fit. I don’t know why he has to tell me so much, are these information supposed to be confidential or everyone knows?